Corporate Social Responsibility


Piran is committed to delivering value to its shareholders and stakeholders by providing good leadership in the execution of our activities so that we are responsible in the way we work, particularly in terms of protecting the health and safety of our people and communities, providing effective environmental management and supporting human rights and social justice in the places we operate. We recognize that our activities could have a significant impact on the environment, and our aim is to increase our positive impacts whilst avoiding, controlling and mitigating any negative impacts we may have.

In Rwanda we are conscious that increasing population densities mean there are growing pressures on the land and that anything we do needs to be sensitive to the use of this limited resource and be of benefit to those living around our operations. Our aim is to ensure compliance with Rwandan standards and work towards international practice.

We manage our identified risks and impacts through policies, technical standards, monitoring programmes and assurance procedures. We believe that by providing opportunities for people within our communities to participate in our operations we are improving local livelihoods and increasing skill levels. Extensive training and skills enhancement programmes will ensure the success of these initiatives and will allow the local labour to participate fully with the future of the company.